Become the partner your horse has been waiting for

You are dreaming of a positive and relaxing way of being with your horse? A close connection that allows both of you to blossom, to enfold in your own way? Then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!

Hi! Good to have you.

Who are you?  You are one of those riders who truly just want the best for their horse. Still, you want to enjoy your time with them, relax, unwind and just feel good. And possibly even live up to your equestrian ambitions. Maybe your horsemanship or your relationship isn’t quite where you want it to be yet, but you’re on it and willing to work on yourself to get there.  

Who am I? Hi, I’m Daniela. I teach positive horsemanship and work as a coach and yoga teacher for people who love horses. My mission is to turn each and every one of them into a better partner for their horses. I support them in finding positive ways of being around horses, as well as to flourish as humans and in their bodies. Why? Because I love horses and want our world to become a better place for them – person by person and bit by bit.

What do I teach? Awareness and feel – for your hose, for your own body through yoga, breathwork and meditation and in all aspects of life: During groundwork, in the saddle (all styles welcome), on the mat, in life.

How do we work together? First of all: Always in a relaxed manner. And then: We can work on yourself or with your horse. Online or “live”. On specific problems or in a broader sense of the relationship or general training. I live in Hamburg, Germany. If you are in the area, I can visit you at home or in the stable. If not we can plan a seminar in your area or – even easier – meet online. 

Anything else? Well, on the side I organise seminars with leading experts that further help us to understand our horses better, and I work as a journalist on all of “my” topics.

Want to learn more?

I am currently working on more English offers and also translating my online course "Yoga for Horsepeople" into English. If you want to be notified when I have something new up, just sign up here!

English language articles

How Yoga can Change your Riding: A Personal Story and a New Offering for Riders

How Yoga can Change your Riding: A Personal Story and a New Offering for Riders

Yoga kann nicht nur unseren Körper stärken und entspannen, sondern auch unser Leben verbessern. Insbesondere für Pferdemenschen kann Yoga eine wertvolle Ergänzung zum Reiten und zur Arbeit mit dem Pferd sein. Als langjährige Pferdetrainerin und Yoga-Lehrerin kenne ich die positiven Auswirkungen von Yoga auf das Reiten und möchte meine Geschichte und ein neues Angebot für Pferdemenschen mit dir teilen.


"Am Ende sind die Eigenschaften, die uns 'gut mit Pferden' machen, dieselben, die uns auch gut im Leben machen."

- Mark Rashid

Here’s what my clients say…

“I appreciate your gentle way of teaching.  
How you choose your words and always bring beautiful, 
pictorial ideas. This makes learning very easy and creates a true 
feel good atmosphere. And your patience to wait, even if it takes a 
little longer, so that the horse has the opportunity to learn and react 
without being pushed to do so.

These are the things that make a training session with you very 
special. "

Sina with her Quarter Horse mare Nayeeli

“Although I'd known and practiced yoga for years, 
I found a new approach with you. 
That not everything HAS to be carried out perfectly, 
but that it can and may gradually develop further, for example.

I have also found a new, even softer approach to my horse while 
riding. This did not happen consciously, but during the weeks of 
practicing yoga we made marvellous progress in areas, 
where we had been stuck for a long time.

Kim with her Knabstrupper mare Taila

“The great thing about Daniela's course is that she picks up 
everyone where they are. 
And that you take a lot with you not only physically but also 
mentally from the course into everyday life - and thus also into 
the stable and the next ride. This loosened a knot in me - 
I sit better, my horse can feel that too, and even on our bad side 
we both now swing more softly and harmoniously. "

Participant of online course "Yoga für Reiter"


“In a very short time she had turned my nervous, impatient mare into a cool, attentive horse. Every time she had worked with Panja and I went for a ride a few days later, I had the feeling that Daniela had enchanted my horse again.”


with her New Forest pony mare Panja