There’s nothing wrong with you. – Developing my Coaching Offer and Your Potential

8.Sep 2023 | English

Today we’re talking about the development of my coaching offer, which focuses on horse-human interaction and changing emotional blocks as well as subconscious programming. I believe that every person has the potential to bring about positive changes within themselves and for themselves, and that solving blockages and fears ultimately leads to a fulfilling horse-human relationship.

Newsletter, Sept 8, 2023

Hello dear horse person,

How long have we known each other? I know that some of my readers have been reading for ages (5 years? 10? … 15!?) and that’s pretty amazing for me (thank you for your loyalty, wow!). Others are brand new and I think that’s wonderful too (hi!).

Because while in the first few years it was mainly about horse training here, my topics and work have now expanded a lot.

Today I often find that it’s not so easy to explain what I actually do… “Yoga for riders” is a correct, good, and relatively clear answer. “Animal communication” somehow too. “Horse training” – that’s also somehow true, but I’ve been struggling with the idea of training for a while now… it’s more of an “exercise offer to feel good with the horse”…? But that’s a bit long.

“And what is this coaching for horse people?” – well, that’s a very good question and one that I answer differently today than I did a while ago… In fact, my offer here has steadily evolved with my own development (or should I say: my ongoing awakening?) over the past few years.

Today, my coaching offer consists of two major building blocks:

1st Building Block: Harmonization of the horse-human interaction

This is the older part, it’s about communication and understanding the horse as well as the horse-human relationship:

Why does the horse behave like this? How can we help the horse **better understand what we want, physically execute it, and motivate it to do it happily? What can we do (technically and in terms of body language) to make ourselves more understandable to the horse and thus make the horse feel better? So in the end, it’s very much about the horse.

2nd Building Block: Harmonization within your being

Over the past few years, I have come to understand more and more how incredible the potential in us humans is. And how life-changing it can be to explore it. For achieving all the goals we wish for ourselves with the horse and of course for everything else we imagine for a fulfilled life. In my work, I now go far beyond what is happening on the surface. We consider and harmonize your physical, emotional, and mental state – in the situation at hand and far, far, far beyond.

I use elements of yoga, various techniques for dissolving emotional blockages (I am also trained in tapping acupuncture therapy) and for connecting body and mind, and we explore and change your subconscious programming using language – because in the end, our subconscious programming takes over control of everything else. In other words: nothing influences our perception of time with the horse as much as our subconscious programming, our beliefs, our self- and world-view. – By the way, this ultimately has to do with yoga too, but that’s another story.

So here are the questions:

Is there a blockage in you that the horse/situation is pointing out? What subconscious programming controls your behavior and interpretation of the situation? How can you position yourself differently within you so that the issue (with the horse or in another area of life) can be resolved?

In other words:

What does it take for you to really feel better (more confident, present, free, relaxed)? And how can you ultimately get better and clearer in touch with the horse when you are authentic with each other? What can your relationship be like when you are both really authentic with each other?

So the question is not only what we consciously and unconsciously send out (on a visible and palpable level) and how that influences our interaction with our horse. But also how this one thing that is getting in our way with our horse can help us to get to the bottom of our subconscious fears and limitations, dissolve them, and then live more satisfied, relaxed, and above all: free. Because I know: When we come back to ourselves, that is, in the end: really to ourselves, we don’t need to solve most of the problems with our horse, they just dissolve.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “yeah, yeah, sounds nice, but I don’t think it’ll do me any good, I’m ______ and therefore different from others,” let me tell you: I’m sure it will. Maybe not now, maybe not with me, but even YOU have the potential to change something if you want to. Because one of the biggest realizations I had over the past few years is: there’s nothing wrong with me. There’s nothing wrong with you. Not with anyone. We only think that because we compare ourselves to others and realize that we’re different. But that’s exactly right!

The thing is: we all live our lives, think, feel, and act in a way that our image of ourselves and our place in the world demands, and ultimately: the framework that our subconscious fears set for us. Against this background, we all act exactly right at all times because: in tune with the world as we perceive it. And as long as we perceive the world this way, we will always act this way and experience similar things again and again – whether we consciously want to or not.

Nice and good, I thought for a long time, only it’s a shame if we get a negative view of the world early on and carry it with us for a lifetime.

Today I know: we don’t depend on having an optimal childhood, having perfect genes, or someone coming to heal us… everything we need is already within us. Always. And the framework in which we allow ourselves to move is always and unlimitedly expandable. All this holding back, this “I would like to, but I can’t, I’m too old/dumb/lazy/not ambitious/poor/incapable/shy/…” all this latent discomfort, dissatisfaction, not really feeling comfortable in our own skin, not acting authentically, and not knowing what we want and what not (– actually everything that stands in our way, on the horse and beyond, and everything that “triggers” us and therefore annoys us) is an expression of our subconscious fears and programming. They are not always on the surface, it often takes some investigation, but then they can be found in every human being. And they are changeable. At any time. Also for you. And by yourself. Yes, it takes awareness, often some help, and usually some practice. But our “world” can be changed at any time, and if we recognize that, we can open it up in a direction that we like. 🙂

So you are already complete and always right, just as you are.

And you can want what you want. Feel what you feel. And become what you want to be when you grow up. You are already grown up. You are so powerful. You have so (!) much potential. No matter who you think you are. No matter what happened yesterday. No matter what your inner critic wants to make you believe. And no matter what others say.

And that’s what I convey nowadays. That’s the lever I like to use most to support people sustainably, ultimately in being themselves. Feeling good. Going their own way without regretting not having done something later.

And the magic:

So much of what gets in our way when dealing with horses has ultimately been passed down to us as an answer to a completely different question, usually: How can I make a horse obedient? So, all of this didn’t really come from within ourselves.

What can go right when we approach the horse not from an inherited idea, but with our true intention (perhaps simply the desire for felt connection), when we truly show ourselves and fully engage in the connection, instead of mainly wanting to create the look of it?

From my perspective, this is where the biggest leverage for a fulfilling horse-human relationship lies.

I no longer believe in shortcuts, in simple and universally applicable solutions for all horse-human pairs, I am no longer so interested in superficial answers. This actually makes it intense – for me and for my clients. But the potential we can move through this is SO immense that every growth pain pays off a hundredfold. In this respect, the feeling of happiness that I experience in my coaching sessions is even stronger than ever before and, man, is it fulfilling.

So, if you’re at a point where you’re stuck, running into the same or a similar problem (with your horse or in other areas of your life), if you want to make a change but don’t quite dare, reach out to me. I am happy to be your cheerleader, your clarity-finder, your problem-solving helper, your potential guide and companion from fear to more freedom and fulfillment… And I also know a little bit about horse behavior and communication. 🙂

I hope this outlines a bit of what you can currently expect from me. Let’s just talk about where you stand and what I can do for you – short-term and long-term. And I still have a few spots left for my summer offer (179 euros for a trial session). It would be a shame if you missed out because you didn’t dare. What can one session bring? Quite a lot! Clarity, a change of perspective, big aha moments, solutions, and – a first big step.

And otherwise: Virtually take a fat dose of whatever you need from the “note” below and bring it to your horse. Bet it’ll like it?!

No matter where you are and what you’re doing: Take care,


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Daniela Kämmerer

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